Wednesday, February 29, 2012

back to coherency, not nec. to mass appeal

First, I want to thank whoever marked "crazy", "sexy" AND "cool" on the post below. YES! I needed that!!!! You been listenin' to TLC?

Speaking of TLC, I realized something while listening to Slayer. It's a clear illustration of the distinction between good music (objective) and appealing music (subjective):

Thrash is basically hardcore with more talent, but I will always enjoy hardcore more - even when thrash is more intense. Thrash metal is great, black metal is great, grindcore is great, but for me it just doesn't get any better than true-blue hardcore punk rock. Bad Brains, the Minutemen, F-Minus, Black Flag, early Hüsker Dü...

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amanda said...

No. I haven't listened to TLC in a very long time.